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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Reference Documents 2020

​Colorado River

1931 Seven Party Agreement

1998 IID MWD Conservation Program

2003 Quantification Settlement Agreement and Other Related Agreements

Bard Fallowing Agreements

California Urban Water Conservation Council MOU re Urban Water Conservation in CA

Coachella Valley Water District Agreements

Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plans

Colorado River Water Contracts on Apportionment

Implementing Agreements – Colorado River (1 of 2 )

Implementing Agreements – Colorado River (2 of 2)

Lower Colorado River Supply Project Agreements

Minute 323 Agreements

Palo Verde Irrigation District and Metropolitan - Forbearance and Fallowing Program Agreement

Settlement Agreement in Arizona v. California by and among the Quechan Indian Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation, the U.S., MWD, Coachella Valley Water District and the State of California

Southern Nevada Water Agency Storage Agreements

United States Bureau of Reclamation's Colorado River Simulation System (CRSS) modeling developed in January 2021


​State Water Project/Bay Delta

1994 Monterey Agreement and Amendment

Addendum Agreement between the United States and DWR for Coordinated Operations of the CVP and SWP

Bay-Delta Documents

DWR EcoRestore Program

Franks Tract Futures Planning and Design 2020

Franks Tract Restoration Project

MWD Board Letters

Natural Resources Agency's EcoRestore

Storage Program Agreements

SWRCB Update to the Water Quality Control Plan for the San for the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay-Delta Plan)

VA CNRA Feb. 4, 2020 Update, State Agencies Present Framework for Voluntary Agreements to Improve Habitat and Flow in the Delta and Key Watersheds

Voluntary Agreement SWRCB

Water Transfer Agreements

​Department of Water Resources

CDEC Chronological Reconstructed Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley Water Year Hydrologic Classification Indices

DWR Delivery Capability Report 2015

DWR Delivery Capability Report 2015 website

DWR Appendices to Delivery Capability Report 2015

Errata of SWP Delivery Capability Report 2015 Appendices

DWR Delivery Capability Report 2019

DWR Delivery Capability Report Website 2019

DWR's 2020 UWMP Guidebook and Appendices

Technical Addendum to the State Water Project Final Delivery Capability Report

Integrated Water Resources Plan

IRP Preliminary Analysis Data

MWD Water Tomorrow Website


Conservation Activity UWMP

Conservation Historical Expenditures UWMP

Local Resources Program

Local Resources Program Board Letters

Public Outreach

Member Agency Managers Posted Documents

Member Agency Posted Documents IRP

Proof of Publication

Reports, Plans and Studies

California Employment Development Department

Delta Plan Chapter 3 Amended 2018

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Salinity Management Study:  Final Report (June 1999)

MWD 2005 Regional Urban Water Management Plan

MWD 2010 Regional Urban Water Management Plan

MWD 2015 Urban Water Management Plan

MWD Cost of Service - FY 2020-21 and FY 2021-22

MWD Water Balance Validation and Component Analysis Feasibility Study Memorandum

Regional Groundwater Monitoring Report Water Year 2018-2019, Los Angeles County, California, prepared by Water Replenishment District, March 2020.

Senate Bill 60 Reports 2001-2005

Senate Bill 60 Reports 2006-2010

Senate Bill 60 Reports 2011-2015

Senate Bill 60 Reports 2016-2018

Senate Bill 60 Reports 2019-2021

Southern California Comprehensive Water Reclamation and Reuse Study in 2002

UCLA Anderson Forecasts - December 2020 Economic Forecast Report

Water Surplus and Drought Management Plan

SANDAG Reference Materials

Appendix J: Regional Growth Forecast

San Diego Forward: Fact Sheet

San Diego Forward: The 2019 Federal Regional Transportation Plan

SCAG Reference Materials


2016 SCAG General Plan and Existing Land Use Update Procedures and Methodology 

Connect SoCal Complete Report

Demographics and Growth Forecast Technical Report

Local Input and Envisioning Process Example for City of Walnut  

News:  Staff Report Provides Updates on Connect SoCal Progress 

Water Energy

"California's Water – Energy Relationship" Report (CEC-700-2005-011-SF, 2005)

CEC: California Energy Consumption Data Base

Embedded Energy in Water Studies Study 1: Statewide and Regional Water-Energy Relationship (Public Utilities Commission, 2010)

Energy Intensity Data Summaries

The Climate Registry CRIS GHG Database


Board Letter 05-11-2021

California State Water Project 2016 Watershed Sanitary Survey Update June 2017

Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program–Briefing Document (March 20, 2019)

Colorado River Watershed Sanitary Survey 2015 Update

Cyclic Program Documents

Estimated System Water Losses

Evaporation Loss

Impact of Local Supply Projections on Demand on Metropolitan

MWD Biennial Budget - FY 2020-21 and FY 2021-22

Regional Recycled Water Advance Purification Center

SWRCB Water Quality Control Policy for Recycled Water

US Census Bureau. American Community Survey, Median Income in the past 12 months

Comment Letters and Responses

Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Municipal Water District of Orange County

Natural Resources Defense Council

Orange County Water District

San Diego County Water Authority Letter 1

San Diego County Water Authority Letter 2

Metropolitan Responses


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