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Innovative Supplies Funding
Innovative Supplies Funding

Innovation is a driving force in Southern California, bringing new technologies and approaches to help meet the water resource challenges we face. Metropolitan provides funding for innovative strategies to increase the diversity of the region’s water supplies.  From research to implementation to evaluation, these strategies help address future economic and environmental uncertainties and improve water supply reliability.

Foundational Actions Funding Program

In 2013, Metropolitan's Board approved a pilot Foundational Actions Funding (FAF) Program that consisted of  technical studies and pilot projects pertaining to the areas of groundwater, recycled water, seawater desalination, and stormwater.

Foundational Actions Funding Program Technical Conference

In February 2017, Metropolitan hosted a technical conference to showcase the projects and studies that were conducted through the Foundational Actions Funding Program.

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On-site Retrofit Program

Recycled water is an important water supply for the region.  Increased use of this resource will help meet expected water demands and improve water supply reliability.  Although there are recycled water supplies available in many areas, its use has been limited by site conversion costs.  This program provides financial incentives to assist public and private property owners to convert irrigation or industrial systems from potable to recycled water.  The results will help agencies identify other ways to increase recycled water use in this region.

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Foundational Actions
Funding Program:
Warren Teitz

(213) 217-7418

On-site Retrofit
Nadia Hardjadinata

(213) 217-6445

On-site Retrofit
Ray Mokhtari

(213) 217-6142

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