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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Stormwater Pilot Programs

Southern California’s water resources increasingly rely on a diverse water supply portfolio. Metropolitan seeks to better understand the water supply benefits of stormwater projects. Additional research and data on actual stormwater projects are needed to assess project performance and potential benefits. To assist with this research, Metropolitan has authorized a Stormwater for Direct Use Pilot Program (Direct Use Pilot) and a Stormwater for Recharge Pilot Program (Recharge Pilot). These pilot programs are intended to encourage the development, monitoring, and study of new and existing stormwater projects by providing financial incentives for their construction/retrofit and monitoring/reporting costs. These pilot programs will help evaluate the potential water supply benefits delivered by stormwater capture projects and provide a basis for potential future funding approaches. 

Recharge Pilot Program​
Beginning early 2020, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California will evaluate local stormwater capture projects to better understand their performance and regional water supply benefits. This program will provide $7.5 million in financial incentives to develop, monitor and assess up to 10 new or existing stormwater recharge projects across the district’s service area.

What is Stormwater Recharge? 
Stormwater recharge projects capture stormwater for groundwater recharge and future production. Some examples of recharge projects include Stormwater capture through centralized spreading basins, dry wells, or infiltration galleries.

Who Can Apply for Funding? 
The pilot program is open to public and private (non-residential) locations within Metropolitan’s service area. Applications must be submitted by the Metropolitan member agency where the project is located. Selections would be on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of five projects per Regional Board area and two projects per groundwater basin. Funding is secured once approved.

To be eligible, project must: 

  • Measure capture and recharge
  • Demonstrate how stored water recharges usable groundwater
  • Describe how the project will increase groundwater production or decrease Metropolitan demand
  • Possess the right to capture and recharge stormwater in the area of the proposed project and not impact downstream users
  • Have an estimated design capture of at least 40 acre-feet per year
  • Be located within Metropolitan’s service area
  • Create new water supply by increasing total recharge to a groundwater basin and decreasing stormwater flows to the ocean
  • Submit a minimum of three annual monitoring reports


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