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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Stormwater for Direct Use Pilot Program

Southern California's water resources increasingly rely on a diverse water supply portfolio. Beginning early 2020, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California will evaluate local stormwater capture projects in an effort to better understand their performance and regional water supply benefits. This $5 million program will provide financial incentives to develop, monitor, and assess new or existing direct-use stormwater projects across the district's service area.


What is Direct Use?

Direct-use projects capture local rainfall and stormwater runoff. The captured water is typically stored in an underground cistern and used to meet non-potable demands.


Who Can Apply for Funding?

The program is open to commercial, institutional and industrial sites within Metropolitan's service area. Applications must be submitted by Metropolitan member agency where the project is located. Projects are subject to review and selected on a first-come, first-served basis per climate zone (coastal, mid, inland) and project type (new or retrofit). Funding is secured once approved.



To be eligible, project must:

  • Include meter(s) for measurement of capture and use
  • Offset potable or reclaimed water use
  • Be within Metropolitan's service area
  • Have an estimated minimum design capture and use of one acre-foot per year
  • Have completed CEQA documents, if needed
  • Submit project schedule
  • Submit original project construction cost at the time of application (for retrofit projects only)


Climate Zone Map


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