Science Lessons for All Grade Levels
Science Lessons for All Grade Levels
Science Lessons for All Grade Levels
Science Lessons for All Grade Levels

Solar Cup

Solar Cup 2021 will be an online STEAM-focused program where high school students will learn skills by working as a team and selecting from a menu of activities that cover a wide range of STEAM fields including robotics, solar power vehicles, utilizing CAD software, building online gaming, social media messaging, visual arts and dream job skills.  At the end of the Solar Cup 2021 program, teams will virtually race the solar vehicle kits they built during the program.
The pandemic has changed the landscape in education and has changed Solar Cup as well. The Solar Cup program has moved away from a program traditionally focused on gaining STEM knowledge to race a boat. In 2021, the program will be broader in scope, to give students a wider variety of activities, building a larger set of skills to add to their high school resumes as they begin to look to higher education and choose their career paths.

Teachers, if you are interested in this program, please email Julie Miller Kalbacher or call (866) 95-SOLAR
(866) 957-6527

Student 2020 Boat Art Challenge and PSAs

Watch the top PSAs by participating high school Solar Cup teams. Watch a video of the submissions.

Solar Cup Careers Webinar

This June 4, 2020 webinar taught students about sustainability careers in water and energy.

Solar Cup 2.0 Winners

Watch a short social media video highlighting the top five winners.