Spring Green Expo - April 28, 2016
Spring Green Expo - April 28, 2016


  • Larry LaCom - Dry and Thirsty Land Larry LaCom - Dry and Thirsty Land
  • Matthew Hacker - Lakebed Matthew Hacker - Lakebed
  • Tom Bleicher - Majestic Tom Bleicher - Majestic
  • Salvador Vazquez - Huntington Garden Salvador Vazquez - Huntington Garden
  • Stacia Wautlet - Icy Leaf Stacia Wautlet - Icy Leaf
  • 2015 PHOTO Exhibit 2015 PH2OTO Exhibit

PH2OTO Expressions Exhibit

(Must be a member of the MWD Photo Club to exhibit)

PH2OTO Expressions Exhibit registration for Spring Green Expo 2016 has ended.


May is Water Awareness Month in California and Photo Expressions is a water-themed photography exhibit focused on honoring this precious and critical resource.


The exhibit is presented by Metropolitan’s Photography Club members and it has proven to be a highlight of the Spring Green Expo for the past four years. The talent on display by the members, both professional and amateur, is extraordinary and adds a special touch to the event.


We hope you will find time to enjoy the different and interesting perspectives on water!


If you are a member of the Photography Club (or would like to become one) and are interested in submitting some of your work, click on Call For Entries and Guidelines for detailed information on how and when to submit, the selection process , and more.