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December 2011
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Municipal Water District of Orange County Commemorates 60 Years of Service

The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) is commemorating its 60th anniversary. The celebration focuses on milestone achievements in leadership, collaboration and innovation. These efforts have resulted in significant achievements in water planning, water management, supply development, and stewardship. This has helped enhance Orange County's water reliability as well as its economy, environment and quality of life.

MWDOC representatives watch a pipemobile transport a section of the State Water Project aqueduct

Orange County voters approved MWDOC's formation in 1951 when it became clear the county's growing demand for water would require more than what local supplies could provide. The district became a member agency of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and imported water began flowing shortly thereafter. In 2001, MWDOC became Metropolitan's third largest member agency following a consolidation with Coastal Municipal Water District - the Metropolitan member agency that provided imported water for coastal Orange County from Newport Beach to San Clemente. The consolidation made it possible for MWDOC to more efficiently provide wholesale water at a reduced cost for the benefit of ratepayers.

Construction of the Allen-McColloch pipeline in Orange County

The original vision of the MWDOC Board of Directors was to establish pipelines and service connections to deliver water to Orange County customers and to create drinking water reservoirs for south Orange County. Over the years, that vision has guided the district's regional resource planning, water supply management, and local resource development efforts in collaboration with its member agencies and Metropolitan.

A section of the Allen-McColloch pipeline is lifted by crane

One of MWDOC's greatest accomplishments was the development of the Allen-McColloch pipeline, which delivers water from Metropolitan's Diemer Water Treatment Plant in Yorba Linda to Orange County water providers as far south as El Toro Water District. During the past 60 years, the district has delivered more than 13.5 million acre feet - roughly 4.4 billion gallons of imported water - enough to fill Diamond Valley Lake 16 times! Today, MWDOC provides water to more than 2.2 million Orange County residents through its 28 retail member agencies.

A section of the Allen-McColloch pipeline is laid underground

MWDOC works closely with its member agencies and Metropolitan to ensure water supply reliability through the management, expansion and diversification of Orange County's water supply portfolio. Recycled water, groundwater, ocean water desalination, and water use efficiency are just a few of the areas in which MWDOC provides leadership and facilitates the integrated planning and local/regional stakeholder partnerships that help enhance reliability. MWDOC provides its member agencies with value-added services that include assistance on demand projections, mapping, urban water management planning, rate structure development, and water shortage mitigation plans. MWDOC has secured more than $260 million for programs that support and improve Orange County water system reliability and reduce its dependence on imported water.

MWDOC's 'Shut Your Tap' campaign promoted water conservation in the 1970s

MWDOC also plays an important leadership role through its representation of large portions of Orange County at Metropolitan. It is a strong advocate on issues such as water resource planning, water demand management, the development of imported water rates and charges, and sponsorship of statewide water policy that supports regional reliability.

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