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December 2013
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BDCP environmental impact reports released today; 120-day public comment period begins Friday

Today the Bay Delta Conservation Plan posted to the Internet the public draft of environmental and planning documents that detail a preferred alternative to improve the long-term reliability of the State’s water supplies coming from the Sierra Nevada, including supplies essential to Southern California.

BDCP is the 7-year state and federal effort focused on solving the environmental conflicts in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the location of pumping facilities that transport water to Southern California. The reliability of Delta water supplies has decreased as environmental problems in the estuary have worsened. After examining dozens of potential alternatives, BDCP has released draft environmental impact statements and reports that examine 15 potential conveyance and habitat alternatives.

The preferred alternative is to construct three new intakes in the northern Delta on the Sacramento River and transport the supplies by twin tunnels with a maximum capacity of 9,000 cubic feet per second. BDCP also calls for extensive restoration of Delta tidal wetlands and adjacent floodplains. In addition to the environmental documents, BDCP is posting today a comprehensive habitat conservation plan that details the proposed water management and restoration strategy.

To help the public review these documents, BDCP is also posting two highlight documents as well as a brief summary of how these new documents are different from a preliminary “administrative” draft.

Friday will mark the official commencement of a 120-day period for the public to review and comment on this proposal. BDCP encourages you to learn more.

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