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Feb. 5, 2014
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Metropolitan taking drought action;
Gov. Brown visits Metropolitan

Gov. Jerry Brown met with Southern California water officials at Metropolitan headquarters, including General Manager Jeff Kightlinger (right), to discuss the statewide drought and the need to increase conservation. It was the governor's first visit to Metropolitan.

Worsening drought conditions are prompting important water management changes in Southern California and throughout the state.

The Southland typically receives about 30 percent of its overall supplies from Northern California via the State Water Project. Last week, the California Department of Water Resources announced that SWP deliveries could be zero this year. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California plans to draw on some of its reserves this year to meet the demands of its 26 member agencies, which provide water to 19 million people. However, the preliminary zero allocation is unprecedented and underscores the record-setting nature of this drought.

In response to the changing conditions, Metropolitan last week announced three proposals for its Board of Directors to consider at their next scheduled meetings on Feb. 10 and 11:

  • A formal declaration of a Water Supply Alert that includes a call for 20 percent voluntary conservation
  • A doubling of Metropolitanís conservation budget from $20 million to $40 million to help with device rebates and other programs to incentivize further water savings
  • And direction to staff to explore all feasible means to utilize Metropolitanís water and other resources to help address water supply challenges elsewhere in the state.
Metropolitan announced the proposals as part of a visit on Thursday by Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. to district headquarters, where he held a media briefing on the latest drought conditions before meeting in private with a small group of Southland water leaders.

In addition, Metropolitan has created a new drought web page with comprehensive information about water supply conditions and issues.

For more information about Metropolitan’s drought response, the state’s zero SWP allocation and selected news media coverage, click here

Governor Brown’s visit to MWD Headquarters (7 min. video clip)

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