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May 2010

Spring Storms Increase State Water Deliveries. Despite Increase, Water Shortage Continues

Ongoing pumping restrictions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to protect endangered fish and restore the ecosystem continue to limit the amount of water delivered to Metropolitan and Southern California. The loss of supply is equivalent to the amount of water needed by a city the size of Anaheim for more than three years.

Last week, the state Department of Water Resources increased its final 2010 State Water Project allocation to 45 percent. Despite the increase, “we will continue to have a water supply crisis until we improve our conveyance system, increase storage and resolve the complex environmental problems of the Delta,” said DWR Director Mark Cowin.

At Metropolitan, for the first time in its history, Southland consumers and businesses face consecutive years of mandatory water supply reductions. Metropolitan’s imported deliveries are down about 20 percent from previous years.

“The supply restrictions require us to continue saving water now and into the future,” said Metropolitan Board Chairman Timothy F. Brick. “Our water challenges today are not going to be solved by one or two wet winters.”

Formed where the rivers of the Sierra Nevada merge before heading toward San Francisco Bay, the Delta is a critical component of the state’s water supply, helping sustain two-thirds of California’s residents and grow about half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables. In an average year, about 30 percent of Southern California’s total supplies moves across the Delta to Metropolitan through the State Water Project’s pumps and adqueduct.

“We will be living with one set of Delta restrictions or another until major improvements to the ecosystem and the water system are underway,” said Metropolitan General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger. “That is still many years away.”

Read DWR’s latest press release, 5/20/10


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