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November 2013
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Diemer Treatment Plant turns 50

The Robert B. Diemer Water Treatment in Yorba Linda is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The 212-acre facility treats enough drinking water a day to meet the needs of 3 million people.

The plant was completed in 1963 with an initial capacity of 200 million gallons a day. Improvements expanded the plant so that today it can treat up to 520 million gallons a day.

The Diemer plant remains a state-of-the-art facility. A recently completed, six-year nearly $300 million renovation introduced ozonation, the process of bubbling ozone gas through untreated water to disinfect and improve its taste and aroma.

The improvements at Diemer are one part of a much larger regional picture that shows Metropolitan upgrading and rehabilitating its vast network of water treatment facilities, pumping plants and distribution system to ensure water reliability for a thriving Southern California. Watch video here.

Give your plants a head start and plant now

The time to think about spring gardens is in the fall.

As the days cool, the soil temperature is still warm. Putting your plants in the ground now will allow them to develop healthy root systems without extensive watering needed in spring and summer. The fall and winter also allows your plants to acclimate without being stressed by hot weather. By spring, their roots are established and ready for the vigorous spring growth period.

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