Independent SCIENCE Advisory Panel: Demonstration Project

The Advanced Purification Center is a demonstration facility that uses a unique application of membrane bioreactors in the advanced water treatment process.  This demonstration facility will be used to evaluate the performance of the membrane bioreactors with reverse osmosis and an ultraviolet/advanced oxidation process. The project will also develop design criteria for a potential full-scale facility, clarify costs for advanced treatment, and ultimately obtain regulatory permits for a full-scale program.


An independent science advisory panel has been selected to provide an objective review of technical, scientific, regulatory, and public health aspects of the demonstration project. To ensure objectivity, the National Water Research Institute (NWRI), a nonprofit organization with extensive experience in the water reuse industry, selected the panel and will manage its activities. The panelists represent industry and academic experts in drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, advanced water treatment, toxicology, chemistry, microbiology, hydrogeology, pipeline corrosion, and drinking water and recycled water regulations and permitting.  The panelists are listed below with their areas of expertise.


Regional Recycled Water Supply Program Advisory Panel


Regional Recycled Water Supply Program Advisory Panel, pictured from left: Ed Means (Panel Facilitator), Adam Olivieri, Nancy Love, Charles Haas, Vernon Snoeyink, Paul Westerhoff, Richard Bull (previous member), Joe Cotruvo, Thomas Harder, Paul Anderson (not pictured).




Paul Anderson, Ph.D.: Adjunct Professor, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Geography Department, Boston University. Dr. Anderson has been involved in toxicological research for more than 25 years. His expertise is toxicology.


Joe Cotruvo, Ph.D.: President of Joseph Cotruvo and Associates, LLC. Dr. Cotruvo has more than 45 years of experience conducting research and writing policy related to drinking water quality. His expertise is chemistry.


Charles Haas, Ph.D.: Betz Chair, Professor of Environmental Engineering & Head, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Drexel University. Dr. Haas has more than 45 years of experience conducting research. His expertise is microbiology.


Thomas Harder: Principal, Thomas Harder and Company Groundwater Consulting. Mr. Harder has more than 22 years of professional groundwater consulting experience. His expertise is hydrogeology.


Nancy Love, Ph. D.: Borchardt and Glysson Collegiate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan. Her research evaluates the fate and removal of pathogens and contaminants of emerging concern in water with relevance to public health and the environment and advances technologies that recover useful resources from water.


Adam Olivieri, Ph. D.: Principal/Founder, EOA Inc. Dr. Olivieri has over 30 years of experience in leading technical and regulatory projects associated with wastewater, water recycling and reuse, and others. His expertise is water regulations and permitting.


Vernon Snoeyink, Ph. D.: Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois. Dr. Snoeyink’s research career has focused on aquatic chemistry and corrosion control, focusing on drinking water distribution systems. His expertise is pipeline corrosion.


Paul Westerhoff, Ph.D.: Regents Professor, School of Sustainable Engineering and The Built Environment, Arizona State University. Dr. Westerhoff has taught at Arizona State University since 1995. His expertise is drinking water treatment and advanced water treatment.


The independent science advisory panel will participate throughout the testing period for the demonstration project and until report(s) are submitted to regulators for approval of the purification process.


The independent science advisory panel is the second panel for the Regional Recycled Water Program. Initially, an advisory panel was created to provide input on the feasibility of the program.

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Regional Recycled Water Supply Program Advisory Panel

Regional Recycled Water Supply Program Advisory Panel