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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Business Outreach Program
Metropolitan Water District's Business Outreach program promotes business and economic development by providing goods and professional services contracting opportunities to small, regional, and disabled veteran businesses. The program represents a current reinvestment of more than $1 billion in small businesses. Southern California has become a global leader in sustainability and clean technology development, and Metropolitan's Business Outreach program is also helping to drive water innovation through collaboration, best practice sharing, and outreach activities.

Cal Con Expo 2019 – July 18-19

Don't miss out on our last event to network and gain access to agency projects ranging from small business to multi-billion dollar opportunities.  RSVP here - www.calconexpo.comSee flyer on upcoming event.

Our Programs

Metropolitan provides three programs to support small, regional and disabled veteran-owned businesses, and has set a goal of 25 percent for the organization.

Small Business Program – Provides bid incentives and governmental contracting education for businesses that comply with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) industry guidelines.

Regional Business ProgramAn RBE is a vendor, contractor or consultant that has maintained a physical business address for a minimum of one year in Metropolitan’s service area.  Please  click on link to verify if your location is within Metropolitan's service  area.

Disabled Veteran-owned Business Program – Encourages participation through bid incentives and tailored education for disabled veteran-owned businesses that have met either the State of California or federal certification.

MWD Innovates

​Innovation happens here. It's not just a slogan; it's how we are building a better water future for Southern California. 

Metropolitan's has a growing portfolio of programs and activities to support innovation and entrepreneurs. If you have a great idea, chances are the Business Outreach program can help you find answers, partners, and opportunities. Our goal is to help with business development and accelerate innovation to market.

Click here for more information on MWD's Innovation Program.  Please contact us at with questions or comments.

Small Business Certification

If you want to do business with and receive notices regarding bid opportunities Metropolitan Water District you must register with us through NetConnect, a simple online application process.

The NETConnect system allows all vendors easy online access to RFBs, RFP's or RFQ's, and award Addendums and bid results. If you need assistance when registering, please contact NETConnect. NETConnect provides all technical and customer support for this system and will be happy to assist you.

There are many valuable benefits in registering through NetConnect:


The Small Business Administration guidelines provide a simple online application process that can be completed within minutes.  Certification is typically approved (received) within 48 hours.

Learn how to get certified as a small business with Metropolitan. 

Reciprocity with the State of California

Metropolitan recognizes small/disabled veteran business enterprises certified through the State of California Department of General Services, but still requires all vendors to register with Metropolitan to receive bid notices and other communications. Click here.

Incentives for Advertised Contracts

  • Construction Contracts: There is a small and/or disabled veteran business enterprise (S/DVBE) subcontractor utilization requirement for all Metropolitan construction contracts over $100,000.
  • Professional Services Contracts: There is a 5 percent scoring preference for S/DVBEs and a 5 percent scoring preference for regional businesses.
  • Procurement Contracts: There is a 5 percent reduction credit on procurement contract for S/DVBEs and a 5 percent reduction credit for regional businesses.  There is a $25,000 maximum reduction credit.

Contract Compliance Oversight

The Contract Compliance and Accountability Program (CCAP) monitors construction contracts greater than $100,000 for prime contractor compliance with Metropolitan's small business requirement (SBR). An SBR is established for each contract based on the dollar value of the contract, scope of work and small business contractor availability. Typically, the minimum SBR is 20 percent.

The CCAP also tracks small business enterprise utilization for all professional services contracts. There are currently no enforced requirements, but established organization goals that range from 18 to 20 percent SBE utilization depending on the type and scope of service contracted.

CalCon Expo 2016


July 28, 2016
Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center

Metropolitan is one of the hosting agencies of this annual event to showcase public agency contracting opportunities. 
Learn how to sponsor, exhibit and/or register for CalCon Expo 2016. 
View the CalCon Expo: Building Your Future video.

Calendar Events

View business events and networking opportunities throughout Southern California.

Key Contacts

Business Outreach Program Manager
John Arena
(213) 217-5519

Water Innovation & Tech.
Wigs Mendoza
(213) 217-7631

Water Innovation & Tech.
Peggy Vogt
(213) 217-6546

Small Business Certification Officer
Carmen Bermudez-Bracy

Construction & Engineering
Rick Duarte
(213) 217-7329

Veteran Advocate
Lydia McGee
(213) 217-6566

Sponsorships & Memberships
Ken Ashford
(213) 217-6719

Business Outreach Hotline
(213) 217-7444

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