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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Procurement Methods

Dependent on whether your business is bidding to provide goods or services, you will need to follow one of the following procurement methods.

  • Competitive Request for Bid (competitive bidding) is primarily used for procurements for goods and non-professional services.
  • Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications (competitive negotiations) are used for professional and technical services, and select non-professional services where technical approach and other factors are considered in making an award.
  • Request for Proposals are used where the scope of work is project oriented and includes specific deliverables or milestones and a detailed solution is needed.
  • Requests for Qualifications are used where the scope of work is broadly defined. This method is used for either making an award to the most qualified provider or for pre-qualifying potential respondents for a possible subsequent direct award or competitive solicitation.
  • Direct purchase is authorized where conditions are met that allow exemption from competitive procurement.  

Where more than one method of procurement is available, a method will be selected to promote an open, public procurement that avoids favoritism and provides the best value to Metropolitan.

Cooperative and Piggyback Contracts

Piggyback purchases are purchases made under the terms and conditions of another public agency's contract when that contract includes a provision that extends its pricing, terms, and conditions to other public agencies.

A.  The Contracting Services Manager, with concurrence of the approving Deputy General Manager or Assistant General Manager and the General Counsel, may enter into a cooperative purchasing agreement to acquire materials and services under the contracts of other public entities, and may participate in, sponsor, conduct, or administer a cooperative purchasing agreement for the procurement of materials and services with one or more public entities.

B.  When a requisition or a consultant services request whose projected contract amount is $25,000 or more is submitted, Contracting Services may determine that there is another public agency contract that can be used to make the acquisition. Consideration for use of another public agency's contract includes:

  1. The cost of the goods or services provided on the contract.
  2. The quality and specifications of the goods and services provided on the contract.
  3. The terms and conditions of the public agency's contract.
  4. The circumstances surrounding the acquisition such as the time and cost involved in processing a Metropolitan solicitation.

Before entering into a cooperative agreement under which another public entity undertakes procurement, the Contracting Services Manager verifies that the public entity has conducted procurement through competitive procedures and that use of the cooperative agreement under consideration is economically advantageous to Metropolitan. General Counsel verifies that the competitive procedures substantially meet the requirements of Metropolitan for competitive bidding.

Key Contacts

Doing Business Contacts:

Business Outreach Program
John Arena, Manager
(213) 217-5519

Water Innovation & Tech.
Wigs Mendoza, Manager
(213) 217-7631

Professional Services
Olivia Freeman, Manager
(213) 217-7218

Construction Services
Spec Desk
(213) 217-6515

Purchasing Services

John Poli, Manager
(213) 217-7574

Secondary Land Use
Real Estate Services
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Requests for Statement of Interest
Real Property Group RFSI
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