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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

In Memoriam

Their labor and sacrifice brought a lifeline through the desert. More than 80 workers lost their lives digging the tunnels, laying the canals and building the dream of the Colorado River Aqueduct. As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the aqueduct's completion, we remember them and honor their sacrifice.


A partial list of workers who died during the construction from 1933 to 1941:

P.G. Gillebo, laborer

C.D. McArthur, foreman

Beavey Fincher, miner

Leo L. Barnes, concrete laborer

Charles Eynon, Jr., laborer

A.C. Marshall, steel worker

Warren P. Granger, laborer

John F. Feeney, laborer

Chris W. Wellman, foreman

P.C. Lucero, miner

J.W. Rodgers

L.B. Cooper, laborer

E.F. Edwards, truck driver

H.L. Humphrey, shovel operator

Kenneth McKee, lineman


Much of the CRA was built through contractors; many of their historical records do not include the names of the workers killed.

in memoriam