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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Community Outreach

The primary focus of the Community Partnering Program (CPP) is sponsorship of water conservation and water-use efficiency programs and activities. Applications must be submitted 30 days prior to the start date of the event or program.


Requests for a maximum $2,000 award will be reviewed year-round and funds are awarded throughout the year. Funds are limited, however, and may be depleted prior to the ending of this fiscal year (June 30).

CPP is currently closed for applications. Due to high demand, the Community Partnering Program sponsorship funds for FY2018-19 have been exhausted until June 30, 2019. You may apply starting July 1, 2019, the beginning of the MWD fiscal year.

About the Program

Metropolitan created the Community Partnering Program in 1999. It provides sponsorships for community-based organizations including nonprofit groups, professional associations, educational institutions and public agencies.

Applications should promote discussion and educational activities for regional water conservation and water-use efficiency issues. Metropolitan provides support for community water awareness programs, water-related education outreach programs, and public policy water conferences.

Programs Goals

  • Focus on community participation around regional water policy issues.
  • Clearly communicate regional water policy issues to key constituent groups.
  • Provide opportunities for participation and collaboration with Metropolitan's member agencies.

Program Eligibility

Local, regional, state and national organizations with a Sec. 501(c) 3 tax status, non-profit educational institutions and public agencies may submit a proposal for a sponsorship.

Priority is given to those applicants within our six-county service area map and that have member agency involvement.  On occasion, applications outside the service area that address Metropolitan's mission and promote regional priorities, such as water conservation and water-use efficiency, may be approved.

Note: Metropolitan will contact your member agency water supplier for their comments on the program/project.  When completing your application, please click here to find your Member Agency.

Funding is also available to organizations having 501(c)(4), 501(c)(6) and 501(c)(12) tax status.

Funding Criteria and Restrictions

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California encourages the discussion of water conservation, water-use efficiency, water quality, water reliability, and water supply issues important to the region through a variety of venues and forums.

The Community Partnering Program sponsors water-related educational outreach programs:  community forums, workshops and water festivals, curriculum development for grades K-12, after-school programs, exhibits, promotional materials, and native plant garden signage.

Applications will be evaluated on their ability to address key points:

  • Supports the discussion of Metropolitan's broader regional benefits— water conservation, water-use efficiency, water quality, water reliability, or water supply
  • Supports community involvement and participation with other resource entities: regional, state or national institutions and/or MWD member agencies

While priority is given to applicants within MWD's six-county service area and that have member agency involvement, on occasion, applicants outside the service area may be approved if the applicant's program supports Metropolitan's broader regional benefits.

The Community Partnering Program does NOT fund expenses for:

  • Requests solely for labor expenses
  • Legal, lobbying or consultant fees
  • Leasing or rental expenses
  • Meals or refreshments
  • Travel / transportation
  • Film festivals
  • Office space or utility expenses (gas, electric, internet, water)
  • Scholarships, internships, stipends, honorariums or teacher release time
  • Equipment or devices that are eligible for rebates through SoCalWater$mart.

Additional Restrictions

  • Combined administrative and labor expenses are limited to 20% (up to $400) of the total MWD sponsorship award.
  • Applications submitted over the $2,000 maximum will be rejected.
  • Applications must be submitted 30 days prior to the start date of the event or program.
  • Programs will NOT be funded retroactively. If the event date precedes the application, the funding request will be denied.
  • Sponsorships may NOT include endorsements or implied endorsements of brand name products or companies.
  • Provide a comprehensive description of the program benefits and budget in detail and in a readable, organized context.
  • Provide a complete application. Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • Repeat applicants seeking sponsorship of the same program/project will be evaluated on the previous year's Recipient Fulfillment Report and results of that sponsorship.  Metropolitan does not guarantee consecutive-year sponsorships.

Matching Tax ID: If a program or project is approved, funds will be distributed ONLY to the organization that applied. The organization's name, street address (no P.O. #s) and federal tax ID on the application must match the IRS W-9 federal tax form, otherwise the sponsorship award will be denied.

Upon Completion: A CPP Recipient Fulfillment Report is provided to the applicant when the funds are awarded. At the completion of the program, project, event or activity, a signed CPP Recipient Fulfillment Report must be mailed in. Failure to complete and return this form may affect future sponsorships. Funded activities are tracked to ensure compliance. A new application will not be considered if a previously funded program has not been completed.

No Substitutions: Awarded funds may ONLY be used for the event/activity described in the application. If the program is cancelled or substantially modified, funds MUST be returned to MWD. The manager of Conservation and Customer Services, Yvette Martinez at (213)217-7707 must be contacted.


Kevin McLaughlin
(213) 217-6619

Please forward
complete and
signed documents to:

Metropolitan Water
District of Southern

Community Partnering Program
P.O. Box 54153
Los Angeles, CA 90054-00153

Steet Address:
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