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The Mission
of the Assistant General Manager/Chief Financial Officer is to provide strategic, innovative, and proactive financial direction to support Metropolitan's Board, management and employees, and to help ensure low, stable rates by maintaining Metropolitan's strong financial position and efficiently manage Metropolitan's financial resources.

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Budget Board Reports

Proposed Property Tax Rates

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Contacts for Finance

Water Rates

Water Rate Table

Historical Water Rate Table

Proposed Water Rates and Charges

April 2014 Board Letter 8-1, including Cost of Service

Feb. 2014 Board Letter 8-1, including Cost of Service

Other Feb. - April 2014 Board Materials

Underlying Materials

Legal Documents, including Administrative Records

Other Background Materials



Biennial Budget Fiscal Years 2014/15 and 2015/16 (2.83 Mb pdf.)*

Capital Investment Plan Budget for 2014/15 and 2015/16

annual financial report

Annual Financial Report 2013-2014:
      Basic Financial Statements

Annual Financial Report 2012-2013:
      Basic Financial Statements

Long Range Finance Goals

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Presentation from Member Agency Meetings

Business & Finance Committee Reports

Rates Policy Library Documents

revenue bond

Municipal Advisor Rule

Metropolitan Swap Procedures

Statement of Investment Policy June 10, 2014

Quarterly Asset Liability Summary Report, Dec. 2011 (73 Kb.pdf)*

Compliance with Fund Requirements and Bond Indenture Provisions

Revenue Bond Official Statement

Board Letter on Interest Rate Swap Policy (693 Kb pdf)*

2004/05 Long Range Finance Plan (2,213 Kb pdf)*

Board Letter on MWD's Bond Refunding Guidelines (221 Kb pdf)*

General Obligation Bond Official Statement

Quarterly Financial Statements – Unaudited (618 Kb pdf)*

Quarterly Asset Liability Summary Report, September 2011

Treasurer's Monthly Report

April 2015

March 2015


Quarterly Interest Rate Swap Reports

March 2015

December 2014

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2014 (2 Mb pdf)

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2013 (2 Mb pdf)


Other Reports

Credit Rating Agencies Release Metropolitan Ratings

First Quarter 2015 Investment Review

2014 Inactive Appropriations

Peer survey: Revenue Structure of Various Wholesale Water Agencies

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