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Sacramento - San Joaquin bay Delta
Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta

Archived Media Articles

Water has become a daily topic for media across the state.  Listed here is a collection of news stories, editorials and Op-eds from newspapers throughout California and the nation media market.


April 5
Sacramento Bee
Swimming Upstream To Save A Victim Of State’s Water Crisis

April 4
L.A. Times
$25-Billion Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Tunnel Project Reexamined

Jan. 28
San Jose Mercury News
Delta Plan: New Coalition Supports The Governor’s Twin Tunnels


Dec. 19
Sacramento Bee
Pumps Dropped From Delta Water Tunnel Plan

Oct. 31
Stockton Record
The Delta Hardly a Delta Anymore

Oct. 28
Central Valley Business Times
Report Reveals Dramatic Changes to Delta Ecosystem

Sept. 29
Capitol Weekly
DWR: Progress on Delta Tunnels

Sept. 7
Sacramento Bee
Brown Needs to Answer EPA on Delta Tunnels

Aug. 26
Sacramento Bee
California Officials Delay Massive Delta Water Tunnel Project

Aug. 1
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by Mark Cowin
Status quo in Delta Isn’t Working for California

July 25
Camarillo Acorn
Water Wholesaler Rallying Local Support for Bay Delta Project

July 23
L.A. Register
Local Water Supplies Won’t Cut It, Group Says

July 21
L.A. Times
2014 Off to Hottest Start On Record

July 20

Sacramento Bee
Persuading Delta Residents that Twin Tunnels Would Be Good

June 22
L.A. Times, editorial
What Does Drought-Stricken California Need: A Water Bond

June 19
L.A. Times, Op-ed by Gary Polakovic
“Chinatown” In Real Life: In L.A., You Have To Follow The Water

March 22
L.A. Times, by Bettina Boxall
Drying up the Delta: 19th century policies underlie today’s crises

March 11
Sacramento Bee, by Matt Weiser
California to dam Delta sloughs if drought persists

Jan. 30
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by Betty Jo Toccoli
Delta tunnels represent a reasonable solution for water demands


Dec. 15
L.A. Times, editorial
Hard truths about California’s water future

Dec. 13
L.A. Daily News, editorial
Southern Californians must get worried about water

San Francisco Chronicle, editorial
Bay Delta Plan a solid start for water future

Dec. 12
L.A. Daily News, Op-ed by Bill Allen and Ed Casey
Bay Delta Conservation Plan is not a North-South issue

Dec. 11
Santa Clarita Signal, Op-ed by Dan Masnada
One chance to do it right

Nov. 25

Riverside Press-Enterprise, editorial
Take steps to help guard against drought

Nov. 13
San Bernardino Sun, Op-ed by Paul Granillo
Water - making the right investments for the Inland Empire

Nov. 10
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by Terry Erlewine
Extensive planning and detailed analysis have gone into Delta tunnel project

Nov. 3
Los Angeles Times, Op-ed by William Kahrl
The long shadow of William Mulholland

Oct. 27
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by David Sunding
The balancing act of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Oct. 21
Sacramento Business Journal, by Jack Robinson
State's economy depends on solving water woes

October 9
U-T San Diego, Op-ed by State Sens. Mimi Walters and Lou Correa
Californians deserve a reliable water supply

September 30
L.A. Daily News; editorial
Stop old California rivalries over water issues

September 25
L.A. Times, by Michael Hiltzik
Delta conservation plan is only a piecemeal solution

September 22

Sacramento Bee, by Matt Weiser
Southern California water users view Delta tunnel plan as key to reliable future

August 6
L.A. Times, by Evan Halper
California Gov. Brown struggles to shore up support for water plan

July 22
Los Angeles News Group, editorial
Is it evil to want a reliable water supply for all of California?

July 1
Western City, Op-ed by Mark Cowin
The Bay Delta Conservation Plan: An overview and local perspectives

June 1
San Jose Mercury News, Op-ed by Andy Ball
Bay Delta Conservation Plan: System of tunnels, levee reconstruction best approach to protecting state, Silicon Valley water supply

May 31
L.A. Times, editorial
Water Wisdom for California

May 30
L.A. Times, news story
California plan to overhaul water system hub to cost $25 billion

May 22
Sacramento Bee/Capitol Alert blog, news story
Southern California weighs in on Jerry Brown’s water plan

May 19
Stockton Record, Op-ed by Jerry Meral
Clarifying issues with Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by William Stelle Jr.
Delta plan still evolving as more is learned

May 18
San Jose Mercury News, Op-ed by Paul Helliker
Conservation plan is vital to Delta’s survival

May 5
Los Angeles Daily News, editorial
Build Delta tunnels for all of California

April 30

Sacramento Bee, by Matt Weiser
Sacramento district agrees to remove ammonia in sewage treatment

April 28
Sacramento Bee, by Matt Weiser
Delta tunnel project to radically change Sacramento landscape

April 27
Oakland Tribune, by Byron William
California’s aging levee system an issue that needs full attention

April 14
Sacramento Bee, Op-Ed by Jerry Meral
The big divide over water: Plan balances the need of the ecosystem and exporters

March 30
U-T San Diego, by Michael Gardner
Will twin tunnels water project float?

March 28
Sacramento Bee, by Matt Weiser
Bay Delta Conservation Plan documents reveal details, stir concerns

Contra Costa Times, by Paul Burgarino
Latest piece of Delta tunnel plan looks at environmental effects

March 12
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by Mike Sweeny and Jay Ziegler
Bay-Delta Conservation Plan must chart new course for water system

February 20
Orange County Register, Op-ed by Daniel Weintraub
Talks over Delta calm roiling waters

February 7
Sacramento Bee, by David Siders
Brown enters hostile territory to push controversial water plan

February 2
U-T San Diego; Letter to the Editor by John Laird
Smaller proposal doesn't fill big need

January 27

Riverside Press-Enterprise; editorial
Quit stalling on state water fixes

January 27
Sacramento Bee; Op-ed by Matt Weiser
Earlier start planned in fight against waterway-clogging Delta weeds

January 24
Metropolitan General Manager’s Statement Regarding Gov. Brown’s State-Of-The-State Address 

January 7
San Francisco Chronicle, Op-ed by Timothy Quinn
California water system upgrade overdue


November 7
San Jose Mercury News, Op-ed by Mark Cowin
Levees alone won’t secure California’s water 

September 22
Ventura County Star, Op-ed by Charles Wilson
It's time for action on Delta proposal

August 12
Pasadena Star News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune and Whittier Daily News, Op-ed by Jeff Kightlinger
In search of reliable water future

August 8
Los Angeles Times, Editorial
Give the Bay Delta Conservation Plan a chance



Media Articles


August 23
San Jose Mercury News, Op-ed by John Laird
Delta realities cry out for action and a new direction

August 10
Stockton Record, news story
Opponents plan to use dollar signs to fight Delta tunnels

August 1
San Francisco Chronicle, Op-ed by John Laird
Science drives Delta water plan

July 31
San Francisco Chronicle, Op-ed by Carl Guardino and Gary Toebbean
Delta plan lays out stable water future 

July 30
San Francisco Chronicle, editorial
Why is the governor picking a water fight?

July 29
Los Angeles Times, by George Skelton
Jerry Brown’s water plan is more than policy

San Francisco Chronicle, by Wyatt Buchanan
Delta tunnels would mean high prices 

July 27
San Jose Mercury News, editorial
Tunnel vision is bad news for the Delta

July 26
Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, editorial
The art and science of getting it done

San Jose Mercury-News, Op-ed by Beau Goldie, Jill Duerig and Walt Wadlow
Jerry Brown’s Delta water supply tunnel is needed

Vacaville Reporter, by Melissa Murphy
Solano County leaders against Delta tunnel plan

Redding Record Searchlight, by Damon Arthur
North state leery of water tunnel plan

Sacramento Bee, by Matt Weiser
Feds, state on same page for Delta tunnels 

Los Angeles Times, by Bettina Boxall and Anthony York
Gov. Brown pushes $23-billion plan to tunnel under Delta

U-T San Diego, by Michael Gardner
State unveils water project

New York Times, by Felicity Barringer and Jennifer Medina
California envisions fix to water distribution

San Francisco Chronicle, by Wyatt Buchanan
New state water plan: tunnels under Delta

July 15
U-T San Diego, Op-ed by Hank Nordhoff
The Business of Water in California

July 14
San Jose Mercury-News, editorial
State is Playing Russian Roulette with Silicon Valley’s water supply

July 9
San Francisco Chronicle, editorial
Jerry Brown’s Delta fix is not much of a plan

July 8
Los Angeles Times, editorial
California’s Way Forward on Water

July 3
Contra Costa Times, Op-ed by Randy Fiorini
It’s Time for Common Sense to Prevail in the Delta

June 25
Los Angeles Times, Op-Ed by Jim Newton
Water Ethics and a peripheral canal

June 24
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by Stuart Leavenworth
|Delta water deal is a long way from being cooked

June 21
Sacramento Bee, Matt Weiser
Retooled plan for Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta diversions fails to impress area residents

June 3
San Francisco Chronicle, editorial
California peripheral canal coming soon

May 21
KQED News, Jeremy Miller
Three Delta disasters that could disrupt California’s water supply

May 20
Sacramento Bee, Stuart Leavenworth
Rice country fears it could get rolled in Delta deal

May 13
Sacramento Bee, editorial
Water contractors need to get real

May 5
Sacramento Bee, Matt Weiser
Draft Plan for Delta tunnel won’t meet June deadline. 

April 22
Sacramento Bee, Matt Weiser
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta faces deadline for restoring fish habitat

April 8
San Francisco Chronicle, editorial
California’s water wars could heat up

March 12
Los Angeles Times, column by Jim Newton
Refighting California’s water war

March 11
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by Gary Bobker
Delta fix must include higher flows, reduced water exports

March 7
San Jose Mercury News, Op-ed by Beau Goldie
Santa Clara Valley Water District supports Bay Delta Conservation Plan

March 6
San Francisco Chronicle, Op-ed by Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, Jeff Denham
Ending California’s man-made drought

March 4
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by Dave Festa and Cynthia Koehler
Bay Delta draft offers a first step to solutions

Woodland Daily Democrat, editorial
Reject damaged water measure

March 3
San Francisco Chronicle, editorial
The struggle for Delta water

March 1
Riverside Press-Enterprise, editorial
State: water meddling

New York Times, John Upton
A bold plan to reshape the Central Valley flood plain

Sacramento Bee, Matt Weiser
Bay Delta water diversion plan could harm fish temporarily, state analysis says

San Francisco Chronicle, Wyatt Buchanan
Calif.  tunnel plan would increase pumping

Stockton Record, Alex Breitler
$23b tunnel mixed bag for fish

San Francisco Chronicle, Op-ed by State Sen. Lois Wolk
Time to get real about California’s water supply

February 20
Sacramento Bee, Matt Weiser
Water tunnels would be huge project – if they clear huge obstacles

February 19
Sacramento Bee, Op-ed by Stuart Leavenworth
Dogs of war still hungry in “Water-stan”

February 16
San Francisco Chronicle, Op-ed by John Laird
Bay Delta Conservation Plan is best option

February 6
Sacramento Business Journal, Melanie Turner
Report: Strengthening Delta levees critical to economy

February 5
Sacramento Bee, editorial
Water Bond will sink if it stays bloated

San Francisco Chronicle, Op-ed by Doug Obegi
California’s water myths and facts

Santa Clarita Valley Signal, Op-ed by Tom Campbell
Dancing with disaster in the state Delta

KQED News, Craig Miller
Dunno much about hydrology: Californians clueless about Delta’s role in their water

January 27
San Francisco Chronicle, editorial
No need to fast-track attempt at canal

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