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Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta

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The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is where the rivers of the Sierra Nevada merge before heading toward San Francisco Bay. The Delta is a critical part of the state’s water supply from Silicon Valley to San Diego. About 30 percent of Southern California’s water supply moves across the Delta.

But the Delta is in trouble. Its ecosystem is in decline and water supply deliveries are restricted. Since 2007, state and federal leaders have been working toward a comprehensive solution called the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. The BDCP would modernize the Delta’s major water systems and provide wide-scale ecosystem restoration, improved water supply reliability and protection of the economy.

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Bay Delta Conservation Plan

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) seeks to modernize major water systems in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the source of drinking water for 25 million Californians, thousands of business and the backbone of the nation’s largest agricultural industry. The BDCP is a collaboration of state, federal, and local government agencies, water agencies, environmental groups and other interested parties.

Work on the BDCP began in 2007. BDCP draft environmental impact reports were released in December, beginning a 120-day comment period. Restoring water supply reliability through the BDCP is important to Southern California and the state. Get the facts, stay informed.

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