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Board of Directors

We are governed by a 38-member board of directors, representing each of the district’s 26 member agencies. Each member agency is represented by one or more directors based on the assessed property valuation of its jurisdiction. The board is responsible for establishing and administering Metropolitan’s policies and upholding the articles in the MWD Act.

Our board typically meets on the second Tuesday of each month, with committee meetings occurring on the Monday preceding the board meeting and the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Standing committees of the board include: Executive; Finance and Insurance; Water Planning and Stewardship; Engineering and Operations; Organization, Personnel and Technology; Legal and Claims; Real Property and Asset Management; and Communications and Legislation. In addition, the board has five special committees: Agriculture and Industry Relations; Audit and Ethics; Conservation and Local Resources; Integrated Resources Plan; and Bay-Delta.

If you are experiencing issues with the audio portion of the public web stream, please dial into the meeting audio at 1-800-603-9516 and enter code: 2176868#.

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Addressing the Board

Committee and board meetings are open to the public. Members of the public have a right to address a committee or the board on matters within the jurisdiction of that committee or board. Matters that are not on the agenda cannot be acted upon or discussed by the board.

The board has the discretion to limit the public input on any item based on the number of people requesting to speak and the business of the board. Members of the public addressing the board or a committee are limited to three minutes at each meeting. Organizations have a total time limit of five minutes if more than one representative wishes to speak.

Request to speak cards have to be submitted to board support staff before the start of the meeting. Speaker cards are available in board and committee meeting rooms.

If members of the public have handouts for board consideration, 60 copies must be provided to board support staff before the meeting. Whether or not handouts are distributed to members is at the discretion of the board or committee chair.

Members of the public may provide comment to the board on matters within their jurisdiction. Instructions to participate via teleconference are listed on the meeting agenda and require participants to call (404) 400-0335 and enter code: 9601962.

Visitor Screening

To ensure the safety of attendees at public meetings at Metropolitan’s downtown Los Angeles headquarters building, visitors will be required to pass through a security screening (metal detector and baggage scanner) and check in at the security reception desk. This protocol applies to all visitors (including members of the public) who enter the building on board and committee meeting days.

Please allow up to 15 minutes for security clearance procedures.

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