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Funding Opportunities: Supporting Innovation

Metropolitan’s role in supporting local resource development and water efficiency has been shaped by our commitment to building a diverse and sustainable resource mix to meet demands. We recognize the uncertainties that climate change, environmental conflicts and economic trends can present, which is why our planning strategies support new water supply innovations and ideas. Metropolitan provides incentives to help ease the financial obstacles that accompany building and operating new facilities and programs, partnering with the public and private sector. We also fund regional studies and research to examine ways to improve local project development and the quality and amount of water produced.

Emerging technologies, innovative ideas and social and business trends are all part of our planning portfolio because they are designed to be weather-proof. Whether Southern California is in a drought or a wet period, these tools help and provide long-term supply reliability.

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Future Supply Actions Funding Program

As part of Metropolitan’s long-term resource strategy, this funding program promotes new technical advances to better prepare the region to adapt to future water supply uncertainties. Since the program’s initiation, a total of $6.5 million has been awarded to Metropolitan member agencies to help fund more than two dozen technical studies or pilot projects exploring innovative ideas to develop future water supplies in Southern California. Awards have been given to studies in the areas of recycling, groundwater, seawater desalination and stormwater. Final project reports and studies are available here for the past round of funding.

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On-site Retrofit Program

Metropolitan’s On-site Retrofit Program provides financial incentives directly to public or private property owners to convert potable water irrigation or industrial water systems to recycled water service. Incentives of up to $195 per acre-foot for five years of estimated water use are available, with a cap at the actual retrofit costs. Items eligible for incentives include project design; permitting; construction costs associated with the retrofit of potable to recycled water systems; connection fees and required recycled water signage.

The program is open to public or private property owners with access to recycled water within Metropolitan’s six-county service area. Systems that are already under construction are NOT eligible for funding.

The program works on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are accepted until funding for this program is exhausted. Once an application is reviewed and approved, applicants receive a notification that includes an estimated incentive amount along with a list of deadlines that must be met to qualify for funding. Incentive payments are made when all invoices and eligible costs are verified and the connection and use of recycled water becomes operational. If a project is disqualified, applicants may re-apply as long as the project is not under construction. 

Once the application is approved, construction must begin within three months, recycled water service must be operational within seven months and invoices must be submitted within nine months from the date of approval. Reserved funds may be withdrawn for projects that do not meet all deadlines. If a project is disqualified, applicants may re-apply as long as the project is not under construction.

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And for questions, contact Jessica Arm.


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Stormwater Pilot Programs

Metropolitan’s stormwater programs help evaluate the water supply potential of local stormwater capture. The Stormwater for Direct Use Pilot Program and Stormwater for Recharge Pilot Program fund construction of new direct-use stormwater capture projects and stormwater recharge projects as well as the installation of monitoring equipment on existing projects. Information on the costs and volume of water produced by different types of projects collected over three years will inform the possible funding of stormwater capture efforts in the future.

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Water Savings Incentive Program

The Water Savings Incentive Program is a collaborative effort between Metropolitan, its 26 public member agencies, and large water-using customers to improve water use efficiency. The program offers funding for commercial, industrial, agricultural and large landscape projects that reduce water consumption. Funding is based on how much water projects save; with recipients receiving $0.60 per 1,000 gallons per year for a maximum of 10 years. Metropolitan has funded more than 125 projects through the Water Savings Incentive Program over the past five years.

Projects that qualify include:

  • Installation of commercial or industrial high-efficiency equipment
  • Industrial process improvements
  • Agricultural and landscape water efficiency improvements
  • Water management services


Getting Started

Please note that funding for this program is limited and submitting an application does not guarantee the customer will receive payment. Incentives will be reserved for projects on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is exhausted. Please submit applications well in advance of your anticipated project start date to ensure enough time for project review, questions to be answered and approval granted in order to ensure eligibility for funding.


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Learn more about the WSIP here. For questions email Socalwater$mart or call (888) 376-3314.

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