General Manager

General Manager 

The General Manager is responsible for leading Metropolitan’s daily and long-term operations, including implementing the policies of the board of directors and working with other department heads and member agencies to carry out Metropolitan's mission to provide water reliability to Southern California. 

The General Manager reports directly to the board and leads and manages the district's public policies and strategic initiatives, assets and resources, and all administrative, operational and financial activities for Metropolitan. 

From the district’s beginnings, the General Manager’s leadership has been critical in helping Metropolitan balance the diverse needs of our member agencies to carry out the board’s vision for a regionwide approach to water issues, including keeping water rates affordable. As Metropolitan’s chief executive officer and spokesperson, the General Manager works to establish strong relationships with government, business and the community at large.

The role has taken on new challenges relating to an expanding array of water sources, increasingly stringent regulatory standards, aging infrastructure, climate change, environmental protection and creating a more inclusive workplace.

The General Manager is supported by four assistant general managers: the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief External Affairs Officer. Reporting to these senior managers are seven management groups that administer the district's business affairs. 


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Management Groups

Seven management groups report to the assistant general managers. These groups are:

Engineering Services

Provides technical services, including program management, engineering design, construction management, facility planning, geodetics and field survey, dam surveillance and corrosion engineering, and an internal full-service engineering team.

External Affairs

Focuses on communication, public outreach, education, legislative and innovation activities. 

Human Resources

Leads the recruitment, training, and retention of the district's work force, and management of the district's benefits program for current and retired employees and directors.

Information Technology

Delivers technology options, services and solutions for enterprise and business applications, mobile/wireless computing, control systems, telecommunications, network services and cyber/information security.

Real Property

Applies strategic approaches to the acquisition, management and protection of Metropolitan's real property assets, and seeks to effectively optimize revenues and control land management expenses.

Water Resource Management

Oversees planning, securing and managing Metropolitan’s imported and local water resource program, as well as advancing water-use efficiency and providing supply and demand forecasts for the region.

Water System Operations

Conveys, treats and distributes water to the six-county service area. WSO ensures that Metropolitan's water quality meets all federal and state drinking water standards, and operates and maintains Metropolitan’s five treatment plants and its water and power systems.

Additional Oversight

Separate from these management groups, the Chief Financial Officer manages the district’s financial programs, including financial planning, investments, debt management, and the annual budget and accounting operations.

The Chief Operating Officer oversees the Bay-Delta Initiatives and the Colorado River Resources programs. The Chief Administrative Officer also manages environmental planning, administrative services, security and board administration.

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