Construction Services & Engineered Equipment Procurement 

Metropolitan plans and builds for the Southland’s future. That has been our legacy since our formation nearly 100 years ago. It began with the construction of the Colorado River Aqueduct, considered to be one of the country’s civil engineering wonders. It carries on today with the Regional Recycled Water Project, which could become one of the largest water recycling projects in the country. 

As regional growth, climate change, and other challenges place new demands on our aging and complex water infrastructure, we take pride in making infrastructure investments to maintain reliability.

 We engineer solutions that can accomplish what only a regional entity can do.

Come Work With Us

Metropolitan regularly solicits competitive bids from local construction contractors for our public works capital improvement projects. With $250 million budgeted annually, our capital improvement projects include everything from pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe rehabilitation, pipeline relining, repair and rehabilitation of existing facilities, seismic upgrades and repairs, and upgrades to Colorado River Aqueduct facilities. We also solicit competitive bids from manufacturers and vendors for purchase of complex, specially designed equipment such as large-diameter steel pipes, hydraulic gates, specialty valves and pumps, and power transformers.

Minimum Requirements

Most of our solicitations require that prime contractors possess valid California contractor license(s) and have a minimum required level of experience and insurance. Contractors also may be required to attend a mandatory pre-bid conference as noted in the Notice Inviting Bid. 


​All Metropolitan construction contracts over $100,000 include a small and/or disabled veteran business enterprise subcontractor usage requirement, unless waived.

Furnishing Steel Pipe for Etiwanda Pipeline North Relining Stage 3
Spec No. 2011
Bids Open:
Approximate Construction Value:
$2,600,000 to $3,000,000
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference:

Colorado River Aqueduct Cholla Wash Conduit Lining
MM 126.55 to MM 126.74
Spec No. 2016
Bids Open:
Approximate Construction Value:
$1,400,000 to $1,700,000
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference:

Mills Electrical Upgrades, Stage 2
Spec No. 1990
Bids Open: 9/15/2021
Approximate Construction Value: $7,600,000 to $9,200,000
Pre-bid conference: 8/17/2021

Robert A. Skinner Water Treatment Plant Cathodic Protection
Spec No. 1951
Bids Open: 9/23/2021
Approximate Construction Value: $240,000 to $300,000
Pre-bid conference: 9/1/2021

Joseph Jensen Water Treatment Plant
Ozone Power Supply Units Replacement
Spec No. 2001
Bids Open: 9/23/2021
Approximate Construction Value: $1,000,000 to $1,400,000
Pre-Bid Conference: 8/25/2021


Colorado River Aqueduct Mil 12 Flow Monitoring Station Upgrades

Spec No. 1760A


Bid Results


Colorado River Aqueduct Housing Window Replacement

Spec No. M-3044


Bid Results


Skinner Plant Dry Polymer Building Roof Replacement

Spec No. M-3037


Bid Results

Iron Mountain Pumping Plant House 73-I Renovation

Spec No. M-3051


Bid Results


Joseph P. Jensen and Robert A. Skinner Water Treatment Plants Battery Energy Storage Systems

Spec No. 1998


Bid Results


OC-88 Fire Protection System Upgrades

Spec No. M-3024A


Bid Results


Live Oak Reservoir Asphalt Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation

Spec No. M-3040


Bid Results


Diamond Valley Lake Marina Boat Launch Docks Refurbishment

Spec No. M-3048


Bid Results


Irvine Regulating Structure Sump Drain Line Modifications

Spec No. M-3052


Bid Results


Jensen Vehicle Maintenance Building Roof Replacement

Spec No. M-3050


Bid Results


Lake Mathews Sewer Replacement

Spec No. 1944A


Bid Results


La Verne Shops Building Completion, Stage 4

Spec No. 1873



Protest procedures for our competitive solicitations can be found here.