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Metropolitan plans and builds for the Southland’s future. That has been our legacy since our formation nearly 100 years ago. It began with the construction of the Colorado River Aqueduct, considered to be one of the country’s civil engineering wonders. It carries on today with the Regional Recycled Water Project, which could become one of the largest water recycling projects in the country. 

As regional growth, climate change, and other challenges place new demands on our aging and complex water infrastructure, we take pride in making infrastructure investments to maintain reliability.

Project Labor Agreement: Our Investment in SoCal Workforce


Metropolitan continues our long-standing efforts to support and improve our communities by working together with labor unions and construction contractors in a new collective bargaining agreement. Metropolitan’s Project Labor Agreement covers a majority of the district’s construction projects over the next five years under its Capital Investment Plan.


This agreement also applies to all construction related to the Pure Water Southern California recycled water project. In addition, it ensures the nearly $1 billion in construction projects over the next five years are completed with the region’s highly trained workforce, while providing opportunities for smaller businesses that typically bid on lower value and less complex construction contracts.  

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“Our Project Labor Agreement is a reflection of our commitment to improve communities across the region by providing quality jobs and expanding new opportunities through apprenticeship and training programs.” 

Adel Hagekhalil, Metropolitan General Manager


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MetWorks Program


Our Goal

As the nation’s largest water wholesaler, we typically manage 50 public works construction and engineering contracts totaling more than $300 million. With a delivery and treatment system that spans six counties, our projects can be found in communities across Southern California. We have construction and rehabilitation projects that focus on upgrading infrastructure, improvements to water treatment, addition of green energy like solar, as well as contracts through our professional services group who solicit competitive bids to support these and our capital improvement projects.

This program is intended to provide our prospective contractors with an understanding of our high standard of construction requirement, strict compliance procedures and deadlines, specification and submittal requirements, as well as to provide a list of upcoming construction projects and schedule.

Building A Network 

It benefits all of Southern California to maintain a consistent dialogue and strong network with our Southern California contractor community.  This program brings opportunities for mutual collaboration and provide transparency throughout the entire construction and procurement process.  

How It Works 

Metropolitan will hold a series of quarterly construction workshops that will provide opportunities to effectively work together and share information about upcoming contracting opportunities. 

Click here to view materials from our archived workshops.

 We engineer solutions that can accomplish what only a regional entity can do.

Minimum Requirements

Most of our solicitations require that prime contractors possess valid California contractor license(s) and have a minimum required level of experience and insurance. Contractors also may be required to attend a mandatory pre-bid conference as noted in the Notice Inviting Bid. 

​All Metropolitan construction contracts over $100,000 include a small and/or disabled veteran business enterprise subcontractor usage requirement, unless waived.

Metropolitan Headquarters Building First Floor Video Suite Renovation
Spec No. 1989A
Bids Open: 3/7/2023
Approximate Construction Value: $600,000 - $730,000
Mandatory Prebid Conference: 2/6/23

Jensen Administration Building Entrance Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Panels Replacement 
Spec No. M-3061
Bids Open: 3/2/2023
Approximate Construction Value: $210,000 - $260,000
Mandatory Prebid Conference: 2/9/23

Colorado River Aqueduct Conduit Structural Protection
Spec No. 1878
Bids Open:
Approximate Construction Value: $6
.6M - $8.1M
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: 0

Furnishing Butterfly Valves for the Foothill Pump Station Intertie
Spec. No.:  2048
Bids Open: 2/23/2023
Approximate Construction Value: $2.9M to $3.4M
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: NA

Foothill Hydroelectric Power Plant Seismic Upgrade
Spec No. 1999
Bids Open:
Approximate Construction Value: $6M - $8M
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: 01/10/23

Robert A. Skinner Water Treatment Plant Ozone Concrete Repairs Stage 2
Spec No. 2036
Bids Open: 
Approximate Construction Value: $
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: 01/0

Julian Hinds Pumping Plant Village Paving
Spec No. 2053
Bids Open:
Approximate Construction Value: $170,000 - $210,000
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: 12/13/22


Headquarters Fire Sprinkler Level P1 Replacement
Spec. 2007
December 2022

Colorado River Aqueduct Conveyance System Flow Sensor Installation
Spec. 2042
December 2022

Joseph Jensen Water Treatment Plant WWRP 2 Flocculator Rehabilitation
Spec. 2031
December 2022


Skinner Concrete Repairs
Spec. 2036
December 2022


Eagle Mountain Pumping Plant Village Paving
Spec. 2052
December 2022


Metropolitan Headquarters Courtyard Improvements
Spec. M-3064
December 2022

Julian Hinds Pumping Plant Village Paving

Spec. 2053
January 2023

Joseph Jensen Plant Fiber Optic Installation

Spec. M-3058
January 2023


Furnishing 3 Butterfly Valves for the Inland Feeder/SBVMWD Foothill Pump Station Intertie, Phase I
Spec. 2048
January 2023


Jensen Admin. Building Entrance Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Panels Replacement
Spec. M-3061
January 2023


Inland Feeder-Rialto Pipeline Intertie
Spec. 2021
January 2023


Badlands Tunnel Surge Tank
Spec. 2040
February 2023

Wadsworth Pumping Plant Eastside Pipeline Intertie
Spec No. 2020
Bids Open: 12/13/22

Furnishing a 20-inch Triple Offset Ball Valve for Service Connection CB-11
Spec No. 2046
Bids Open: 12/19/22

Perris Valley Pipeline Interstate 215 Crossing
Spec. No.:  1928
Bids Open: 12/1/2022

MWD HQ Building Exterior Physical Security Upgrades
Spec. No.:  2003
Bids Open:

Furnishing Electrical Panels for Robert B. Diemer Treatment Plant
Spec. No.:  2012A
Bids Open:

Second Lower Feeder PCCP Rehabilitation – Reach 3B 
Spec No. 2026
Bids Open:

San Diego Pipeline No.1 Rainbow Tunnel Concrete Liner Rehabilitation
Spec. No.:  2038
Bids Open: 10/4/2022

Furnishing Slide Gates for the San Jacinto Diversion Structure
Spec. No.:  2028
Bids Open:

Skinner Plant Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Fiber Optic Cable Installation
Spec. No.: M-3057
Bids Open:

Protest procedures for our competitive solicitations can be found here.

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