Being Waterwise

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Being WaterWise

Every Day is a Chance to Save

Responding to the hard-earned lessons learned from enduring several droughts over the past 30 years, Southern Californians have completely changed how they view and use water. The result is impressive: Southland residents use less water today than they did in 1990, even though our population has increased by more than 4 million people. We’ve achieved this together as a region by supporting smarter plumbing and building codes, increasing awareness of the importance of our natural resources, funding water efficiency rebate programs, and enlisting students to bring the conservation home and to their communities through education programs.  

Conservation is not only a way of life here, it’s a vital water supply source.  It reduces water demands across the region and promotes greater supply reliability for us all.




Achievements in Conservation, Recycling and Groundwater Recharge

An increasing percentage of Southern California’s water supply comes from conservation, water recycling, and recovered groundwater. Metropolitan’s annual achievement report describes our successes in the areas of local resource development, local storage efforts, and improvement of the watersheds that provide our imported and local supplies.

Read our full report to the state Legislature.

Read a condensed version of this report.

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Innovative Conservation Program 

We’re always looking for great ideas and ways to be even more efficient. This research-focused grant program, in collaboration with the Southern California Gas Co., allows us to form partnerships with public and private entities to test the potential and reliability of innovative water-saving devices, technologies and strategies.

Community Partnering Program

Community Partnering Program

This program provides sponsorships for community-based organizations to organize water conservation and water-use efficiency programs and activities in Southern California. Funding supports community forums, workshops and water festivals to after-school programs and demonstration gardens.

Water Savings

Water Savings Incentive Program

Non-residential customers who are interested in improved water savings with upgraded equipment or services that do not qualify for other rebates can apply to this program that supports water-use efficiency.


Watering Index

One of the most effective ways to conserve water is to irrigate efficiently. Estimate the correct amount of water to give your landscape or garden weekly with this watering calculator.

Advertising & Outreach

Metropolitan’s in-house resources allow us to rapidly adapt and revise messaging and programs to address evolving water supply conditions and consumer interests. We are mindful to produce communications materials in multiple languages that are culturally relevant to speak to our diverse service area across multiple platforms. Metropolitan developed a Spring and Summer campaign titled "This Is How We Save Water" where single water-saving tips are presented to encourage conservation through everyday activities. From installing a flow monitoring device to fixing leaks, the tips highlight water efficient techniques in practical ways. 

Metropolitan relies on a network to broadcast the need to conserve, even more than before. We’re facing historically dry conditions and the impacts of climate change.

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