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Feb. 27, 2023
This reservoir on the Sacramento River has been planned for decades. What’s taking so long?
Feb. 19, 2023
L.A.’s new water war: Keeping supply from Mono Lake flowing as critics want it cut off
PEW Charitable Trusts
Feb. 16, 2023
Can Western States Agree on the Future of the Colorado River?
Fox Weather
Feb. 12, 2023
Long term isn’t looking good’ for Lake Mead and Lake Powell, America’s largest reservoirs
Feb. 8, 2023
Metropolitan Water District expert transforms own yard from grass to water-saving plants
Los Angeles Times
Feb. 5, 2023
Colorado River crisis is so bad, lakes Mead and Powell are unlikely to refill in our lifetimes
Jan. 22, 2023
Why heavy winter rain and snow won't be enough to pull the West out of a megadrought
Los Angeles Times
Jan. 2, 2023
California snowpack is far above average amid January storms, but a lot more is needed
Dec. 14, 2022
‘Biblical’ drought likely to lead to more water restrictions in Southern California