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Doing Business With Us

One out of every two Californians depends on Metropolitan and its member agencies for safe and reliable drinking water. That is a big responsibility, and in meeting it, Metropolitan sometimes sources and acquires goods and services from outside partners. Equally important to our job delivering water, it is our fiduciary responsibility to the public. So when we acquire such outside goods and services, Metropolitan is committed to contracting the best possible product or resource, while maintaining our fiscal integrity through policies and procedures designed to maintain the public trust.

Finding Partners__

Hiring Outside Contractors

Professional services that Metropolitan contracts out include engineering, architectural, legal, human resources, audit, communications networking, and environmental studies, among others.

Procurement and purchasing contracts of interest to Metropolitan include fleet, trucks and lifts, pipes and valves, water treatment chemicals, hardware and tools, electrical equipment, computer software, landscaping services, janitorial and custodial services.

Metropolitan also solicits competitive bids from construction firms for our capital improvement projects.


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Metropolitan e-Procurement Portal

Metropolitan procures goods, non-professional services, and professional services in accordance with Metropolitan’s Administrative Code and applicable government statutes and regulations. We have an e-procurement system that provides online access to competitive solicitations and results. Free registration is provided for vendors to access the system. You can check anytime for current opportunities.


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Acquisition Methods

Metropolitan uses different procurement methods to acquire
goods and services including Request for Bid, Notice for Bid, Request for
Proposals, Request for Qualifications and Direct Purchase.

Protest procedures for our competitive solicitations can be found at the following links:

Hinds Pump Plant Repairs


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